Yoga Cavewoman Charry Morris

Charry Morris Bio

Charry Morris played 10 years of professional soccer in both the US and Japan.  Prior to that she played NCAA Division I soccer at Colorado College where she earned an Economics degree and was part of an NCAA Final Four team.   She is a 16-year Level III certified professional Vail Ski Instructor, 22-year soccer coach, mother of 2, recent yoga studio owner/fitness director/teacher, and life loving human.

Charry has practiced asana on and off since 1992, taught asana since 1999, and became steeped in the yoga tradition as of 2009.

Since meeting her teacher and guide, Sri Andrei Ram Om, she has been earnestly and humbly studying and sharing the teachings of yoga as passed down in the lineage of Dharma Mittra. Through Andrei Ram’s living example of wisdom in action and skillful integration of yoga techniques in daily living, she has been inspired to share the yoga practice in a way that helps to transform people into a more peaceful and healthful existence in recognition of their demanding careers, potentially stressful relationships, and all other stresses we undergo in modern society.

An example of Charry’s philosophy regarding teaching and learning:  “Yoga and mindfulness is like studying math. You can “get” the answers to all the questions on the test, but if you don’t know “how” to derive the answers on your own, you are only more dependent on the book/teacher to continually give you the answers.”  A nice integration of her education that included a heavy math component, and her openness to growth via  yoga and its teachings.

While she reluctantly refers to herself as a  yogi, she has seen the benefits of the full spectrum yoga practice.  She  is happy and motivated to share whatever she can with as many people as possible, to improve their lives