Thanksgiving Keto Fun

Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner at Tokyo American Club with Cavedaughter #2, thanks to the wonderful Tokyo American Club staff and the beautiful Thanksgiving buffet they prepared!

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Post Thanksgiving Interval Training…

Great post Thanksgiving workout with the JABRA Lady drawing me a nice graph. She always keeps me motivated to see the peaks and valleys and the average BPM line in the graphs!



#jabra #tokyoameiricanclub #cardio #interval

#keto #paleo #caveman #intervaltraining #jabra #tac

AHA Hates Coconuts, Increases Hypertension Over Night…

So, the AHA has just added 10’s of millions of people labeled hypertensive overnight. This is an organization that owes its existence to a $1.5 million donation from P&G in the 1940’s. Yes, the manufacturer of canola oil aka Puritan Oil and then Crisco and another brand, Sunshine margarine. Don’t forget their former ownership of Hawaiian Punch and Pringles either. The AHA was able to go national thanks to Big Food in the 1940’s and continues to support, and get support today, from high-glycemic Big Food. Thanks to AHA, Big Pharma should have a really good forthcoming decade too! As the renowned Cardiologist, Eric Topol states, normal BP is not established, so what is their justification for doing this?  Hoping for good clinical data from Medtronic and Recor in their endeavors to control hypertension with renal denervation.

WAGYU!!! 和牛!!!

Steak & Eggs for breakfast takes on a whole new meaning when you do it with Wagyu!


WAGYU!!! 和牛!!!



Excellent Caveman Workout Today!

Excellent Caveman Workout Today!

The JABRA Lady helped motivate me to do a slow ramp-up on the bike and transition into a nice interval session.  This got me out of my funk and cranked up my energy-level so I went directly into a 45 min resistance session after 60 mins of cardio.  The JABRA Lady keeps me motivated during my workout as I am always excited to see what my heart rate graphs look like after I’m done.