CiJ Workouts

A Sample CiJ Workout

It is well known that our paleolithic ancestors spent hours on the stationary bike and lifted weights in their caves.  Here is what they saw when they cycled, it’s as if The Caveman in Japan has transported you back millions of years!Their brand of choice was the LifeFitness and they were always armed with a high-alkaline water in their left drink holder and and high catechin  Japanese green tea (ヘルシア aka Healthya) in their right drink holder.

However, it was not merely the workout itself and the associated beverages.  Our Paleo ancestors were very data-oriented and thus they tracked their heart rate quite closely.  They started with a warm-up of course, transitioned into some interval training and finished off with some weight lifting.  Yes, I know this is all available in a multitude of history books, but it deserves mention again here as this type of workout replicated their daily activities.

Cavey would wake up in the morning, eat some fat, and walk on the flatlands toward his or her hunting ground.  Then, out of nowhere a delicious wholly mammoth would appear, and a flurry of chases and attacks would ensue – heart rate jumping up and slowing down until the beast was dead.  Then, they would have to carry that heavy, succulent mammalian back to the cave.  It kinda looked like this:

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